Masters – Summer

Photos from Masters Workshops Summer 2016


Masters Afternoon Workshops (Geared towards 5-8 Years)

(single week sign-up)

Each two hour workshop will be broken up between art time, garden time, and supplemental sensory projects and storytelling.

Please note sibling discount will not be offered for the Masters Workshops because of the more in depth curriculum design, and increased materials cost and prep.

Single day drop-ins are welcome when space allows for $30 a day. Email, call or text that Monday to inquire about drop-ins. 831-325-2785 or

Parents are encouraged to drop off for this program. Workshops will include “how to draw” and “how to paint” lesson plans. Students should be ready to follow along and spend extended time on their projects for up to 45 minutes at a time.

Click the colored “Theme” title to register for a class!

Tu/Th  Time/Price Theme Projects
June 13 & 15 2-4pm, $55 Birds of one Feather  3-D and Mixed Media: bird houses, cardboard feather collage, mixed-media bird drawing
June 20 & 22 2-4pm, $55



Textile Arts, Plaster and Wood Sculpture: sock caterpillars, plaster cat mummies and wooden animal sculptures
June 27 & 29 2-4pm, $55

Insects & Plants


Drawing, Painting and Printmaking: petal printing on fabric, wood mounted sun prints, and pastel drawing
July 11 & 13 2-4pm, $55 I Heart Art! 3-D and Mixed Media: Cardboard heart mobiles, salt painting/mixed-media on wood
July 18 & 20 2-4pm, $55

Oceans Animals


Fabric Art, 3-D and Mixed Media: ocean diorama, jelly fish collage, fabric batik
July 25 & 27 2-4pm, $55 Adornment and Accessories Jewelry Making: Polymer clay necklaces, bracelets, shrink dink key chains and magnets
August 1 & 3 2-4pm, $55 Sculpt It! Clay: coil and pinch pots, animals and medallions
August 8 & 10 2-4pm, $55 Creatures Textile Arts, Plaster and Wood Sculpture: sock caterpillars, plaster cat mummies and wooden animal sculptures

Scroll down for Masters Workshop make-up and cancellation policy.

Photos examples for Masters Workshops Projects Summer 2017

mixed media feathers |  Kids use their hands to squeeze together bits of polymer clay and then use a flattening machine to make these unusual and colorful necklaces.

Love Catchers are the new Dream Catchers Clay necklace DIY - great kid gift idea saltpaintingcollage25  

Free Fun in Austin: Fun Kid's Valentine Craft: Sparkle Heart Dish:  Children make these caterpillars from old socks, fabric pieces, yarn, and pom-poms.

Masters Workshop Makeup Policy:

Makeups can be done in any morning class and/or any workshop during the summer. For instance if you miss a day of an afternoon workshop you can drop-in on a morning class of your choice. Once summer sessions are complete makeups will expire. If you schedule a make-up and do not show up for that time slot you forfeit the make-up. It is the responsibility of the family to schedule makeups. To schedule a makeup email

Masters Workshop Cancellation Policy:

By registering for a class you are committing to attend and pay for your space in the workshop.
Cancel two weeks prior to start date – Receive a full refund.
Cancel less than one week prior to the start of class and you will receive a refund only if your spot can be filled. If your spot is not filled by the start of class you are required to pay the full price of the session.