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Rebecca Rae Picker,

Founder and Facilitator

I am an art enthusiast, and I have a passion for inspiring healthy, smart, and creative children. My experience with children blossomed when I led an after-school art program for 6 years. My experience with my own toddler and two step-sons only further motivated me to pursue my passion for art with children. I graduated with a BA in Art from UCSC. My primary focus was printmaking because “process” is extremely important, which fits with my personality. Today, I am a professional performer, costume designer and art teacher. In addition to living artfully every day and encouraging my children to be artistic, I believe strongly in fostering an awareness and connection to nature. Most recently, I am realizing the potential of recycled and mixed-medium art projects with toddlers. I’m excited to offer a place for young children to learn through playing in my local community, and to share ideas for arts and crafts activities for kids with the world at large!