Participating in the Arts Benefits Early Childhood Development!

Discussing, creating, and participating in art activities:

  • uses the right brain
  • engages all the senses and involves a variety of modalities including the kinesthetic, auditory, and visual
  • exercises cognitive skills such as reasoning ability, problem solving skills, creativity and inventiveness
  • supports motor, language, and social-emotional development
  • strengthens tactile perception (interpretation of information sent to the brain from the fingertips)
  • teaches children to make good judgments about qualitative relationships, instead of just following rules
  • shows children that problems can have more than one solution and that questions can have more than one answer
  • celebrates multiple perspectives.
  • offers an outlet for expression beyond language
Enhance your child’s early childhood development by signing up for Studio Sprout’s arts and crafts classes and frolicking in our garden. The first class is free, just give us a call or drop us an email and we will set up a day for you and your child to visit the studio.

Check out the Blog posts to see all of the exciting arts and crafts projects that happen at Studio Sprout. We encourage you to do these projects in your classroom or home!