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Don’t Go Breakin’ My Clay Heart

Kids love hearts, so this week in preparation for Valentine’s Day we made clay hearts and decorated them with just about everything! Materials: Air Dry Clay Heart Stencil made from flexible cutting boards found at the Dollar Tree Paintbrushes Tempera Paint Paint Stirrers Wooden dowels (rolling pin) Sponges Clay Tools (optional) Shells, Beads, Buttons, etc….

Open-Ended Art: Valentine’s Day

I love LOVE! I’m all about reclaiming holidays, expanding upon the hallmark understanding, tapping into the potential of celebration….especially when it comes to love. Before we dove into endless pink, red, white, and purple Valentine’s Day supplies I introduced the theme for the day by reading “Mouse’s First Valentine”. Lauren Thompon and Buket Erdogan have…

Car Printing with Tempera Paint, Valentines and Winter Sensory Box

This week’s project was car printing/painting, making valentines, and playing in a winter sensory box. To begin the project I offered the students a variety of cars. Each was different style, size, and made a different track mark depending on it’s wheels. With enough back and forth movement new colors were made. When we transitioned…