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Masters of Art I: Jackson Pollock (string, marble, & pendulum painting)

Jackson Pollock’s work represents exploration with paint, movement, and self expression. He worked on a very large scale and he used his whole body to accomplish covering the canvas. I showed my students a few examples of Pollock in action and also his finished pieces. In honor of Pollock I set up three paint projects….

Collaboration IV: Colored Glue Collage & Ball Painting

The first collaboration of the day was a colored glue collage. I made seven colors of glue by adding liquid water color to white glue. In last week’s mask making project we practiced glue control but this week I let the kids squeeze to their heart’s content. Puddles do take extra time to dry and…

Ball Painting

We had such a blast with ball painting this week. The process is very simple. Have small boxes and paper to fit inside. A variety of balls (golf balls work great because of their small size but heavy weight and texture) including but not limited to golf balls, marbles (watch these around toddlers who still…