Monthly Archives: February 2016

Art & Science: Chemistry

This session is all about Art & Science! Our focus this week was chemistry. We investigated chemical reactions through an artistic lens exploring color and texture as well as our senses. To do this, we did three experiments: Milk and Dish Soap Watercolor Watercolor Vinegar and Baking Soda Boxes Watercolor and Oil Paintings Milk and Dish…

Monster Mash!

The title says it all! Over here at Studio Sprout it was a Monster Mash all week long. (It was such a fun week!) Our interns may have had even more fun than our students. This week’s project inspiration comes from a variety of sources; the first being the sweet children’s book I Need my Monster by…

Clay Wall Pockets

This week at studio sprout we explored clay. In our master’s classes, we made clay wall pockets which are a sweet little hanging hybrid of cup and envelope that may hold succulents or pencils. Materials Needed: Clay Acrylic Paint Paint Brushes Paint Stirrers Rollers Newsprint Sponges First you will roll out a slab of clay….